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25 January 2009 @ 07:33 pm

18 Wizards of Waverly Place
1 Another Cinderella Story
1 Animated
Miley.. Jordan.. Brenda.. Zac.. Hilary
Demi.. Selena.. Zac&Vanessa.. Bolt


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27 December 2009 @ 12:32 am

Moving on even more. A lot of you have been asking about the Best Friends For Never movie. But in this case no news is, well, no news. The recession has forced my friends at Warner Premiere to hold off on production until things with the economy pick up. That doesn’t mean it will never get made. It just means it won’t get made now.  I know it’s a bummer. Believe me. Let’s just keep hoping things turn around soon and I’ll let you know as so
on as I hear the good news. I always do.

- LH
07 July 2009 @ 12:07 pm
Heeey guys,

I kind of lost interest in the fandom a looong time ago. If anyone wants to take over the community (despite it was never really active anyway), comment on this entry. All comments are screened.

Yeahh I was kind of let down since I saw the movie. I guess I was expecting too much or something or it just overall sucked. I lost interest in the book series as well. Book 9 onwards wasn't the same as the first 7 books. I feel like the spark isn't there anymore. I know I shouldn't blame the book (or Lisi Harrison for this matter), maybe it's just me growing up y'know?

If you're into the Disney fandom, you might have noticed that our very own Bridgit Mendler starred in JONAS as Nick Jonas Lucas' love interest and plays Penny in the show. I'm not exactly sure if she comes back after that episode, though.
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24 November 2008 @ 01:42 pm

Still sick. But I wasn't dizzy last night, so I had alot of time on my hands..as you can tell. lol

[24] Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica.
[16] 'The Clique' cast.
[19] Selena Gomez.
[12] Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.
[17] Taylor Swift.
[5] Demi Lovato.
[9] Jonas Brothers.
+ 1 demi/tay fo banner.
+ 2 taylor wallpapers.
+ 1 jonas wallpaper.


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18 October 2008 @ 07:39 pm
Hi, I don't know if this is allowed here, but I'm going to start writing a Clique fanfiction on this site and, while I've been at fanfic for quite a while, I completely suck at graphics. I wanted a nice banner for my fic. It's called "Maybe One Day." I only want one "model" one the banner, Kaya Scodelario.

Since you *whoever you are* are going to be *possibly?* making the banner, you can use whatever image you want of her. For the record, that icon up there is her.


Hope someone can help!
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21 September 2008 @ 08:16 pm

I figured this comm could be livened up.

Animal/Human [3]
Selena Gomez [8]
The Clique [4]
To Write Love On Her Arms [5]
Jeremy Sumpter [4]

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18 March 2008 @ 10:02 pm
Welcome to theclique_fans, the very first LiveJournal community for the popular book series by Lisi Harrison and the upcoming DVD movie of the same name. All posts are Members-locked.